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What is humanology?

Humanology is the discipline that studies and explains human beings. It helps them grow and develop themselves by guiding them into expanding their worldview and offering them whatever tools they need to face the challenges they encounter in life.

This new discipline deepens our understanding of ourselves and helps us face the different stages and challenges that life offers us in life and at work.Humanology helps human beings approach reality from their own personal singularity and uniqueness, while taking their basic human needs into account.

About of Institute of humanology

The International Institute of Humanology is born with the clear objective of developing, strengthening and disseminating the discipline of humanology around the world.

With it headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, the Institute offers training courses focused on humanology and all its methods and materials while certifying the knowledge and utter professional quality of the humanologists and optimism coaches trained and accredited by them.



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Who is it for?


Humanology offers human beings the reins to their reality by giving them the systematized methods and tools that can help them


Every company should incorporate humanology to their Human Resources department, as human beings are the most fundamental and basic component in their organization.


Humanology should be at the basis of any other discipline in the world, given that all of them were created and developed to work with or for human beings.


A must for any entrepreneur or company owner who needs help when blocked or if wishes to optimize the human component in their companies.

Success Stories and Testimonials


MAIN GOAL To establish the perfect basis to define and create a new insurance company in Switzerland. Among other things, […]

Personal Testimony: Viktoria Parés

About the Founder

I worked for 20 years as a simultaneous interpreter of the highest order, translating for Nobel laureates, prestigious political leaders and the greatest experts in all fields, which resulted in my acquiring a very wide and deep knowledge base.

Since then, I continued expanding my professional career and widening my academic learning in combination with an intense and rich personal life. I then developed Humanology, Personal Essence and Optimism Coaching. This discipline and its methods and tools aim at helping human beings feel happier, no matter what happiness means to each of them or which pathway they choose to pursue it.My career as a humanologist began when I lost my characteristic optimism after having two car accidents that led me to a wheelchair and acute, chronic pain. Refusing to just accept that situation, and choosing to be happy again, I developed the Optimism Coaching© method and wrote my first book, The Optimist in You. Others started using my materials and reporting very positive results in their lives, which motivated me to continue studying and learning many other methods, techniques and tools such as life coaching.

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