HUMAN CONVERSATIONS – Lessons Learned to Help Us Thrive

20 July, 2020

The International Institute of Humanology is very happy to invite you to our new edition of HUMAN CONVERSATIONS.

Join us next July 31 to meet 4 experts from all around the world to discuss LESSONS LEARNED TO HELP US THRIVE

For this edition we are thrilled to have the following panelists with us:
🌀 Dr. Simmy Kataria – Neuro-Behaviour scientist, Speaker,
Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Counsellor, India
🌀 Larry Melton – Retired college history teacher with
diverse interests, USA
🌀 Kumar Iyer – A steel industry and sustainable Business
Professional, India
🌀 Jessica J. Lockhart – Director of the International Institute of
Humanology – Panama

Chaired by James S.O.U.L., Artist and Creative Director – International Institute of Humanology.

Many aspects will be approached from different perspectives to obtain a wide and deep understanding of the topic.

Request your link for zoom ( or follow the panel here: