What is Humanology?

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Humanology is the discipline that studies and explains human beings. It helps them grow and develop themselves by guiding them into expanding their worldview and offering them whatever tools they need to face the challenges they encounter in life. This new discipline deepens our understanding of ourselves and helps us face the different stages and challenges that life offers us in life and at work. Humanology helps human beings approach reality from their own personal singularity and uniqueness, while taking their basic human needs into account.

By fully understanding and approaching the person, Humanology presents a complete and comprehensive model of the human being that incorporates its four basic elements together with all the tools, methods, strategies, techniques and teachings that are needed in order to understand and help each person according to their personality, individuality and uniqueness. 

Humanologists thus have a deep academic knowledge coupled with a wide variety of life experiences which result in their having the necessary empathy to understand each person’s situations and offer them the best approach to deal with them.

Compared to other techniques and disciplines, Humanology offers a new paradigm. It is a comprehensive working method that incorporates different perspectives, strategies and tools such as mentoring, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, optimism coaching, absolute forgiveness or personal essence.

Focused on understanding human beings in their different stages so they can better face the challenges posed by their personal and professional environments, Humanology also contemplates their singularity and uniqueness. 

Both personally and professionally, Humanology combines knowledge and experience thus offering strengthened approaches and perspectives. No other discipline offers such deep or wide knowledge of the human being, nor such varied and useful solutions.

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