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  • Why humanology over other disciplines?

    Humanology is much wider and has a greater scope.  It also offers more personal tools. One of the premises of humanology is that not all human beings need the same tools or methods all the time, which is the reason why this discipline offers a complete and varied enough toolbox to guarantee that each person finds what they need, no matter what the circumstances or situation to tackle.

  • Can humanology be used in every situation in life?

    Humanology always helps. By including so many perspectives, tools, approaches, techniques, strategies and materials, it can always contribute with something useful.  It mostly helps clients solve their issues and in certain cases can act as a supporting arm, for example, in cases of mental health problems, in which it supplements the therapy.

  • How is humanology applied in daily life?

    The answer to this question depends on the field of work. The best thing would be to endow each human being with the knowledge and tools they need to handle their own situations. This could prove tricky with very young children or people with special needs, which is why they humanologist needs to be more closely involved. In less personal and more professional environments, the situation is assessed and specific tools are proposed and shared.